Strength analysis of FLNG membrane cargo hold structure
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英文关键词:FLNG  Membrane type  LNG cargo hold  Strength analysis
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      随着全球对天然气需求的强势增长,更多的投资者把目光投向了天然气储量丰富的海洋。由于FLNG在开采海上气田的优势,相关技术研究开始成为新的热点,但国内的研究尚不够深入。以某采用GTT NO96薄膜型围护系统的的FLNG前端工程设计为例,首先简要的阐述LNG液货舱结构特点,然后采用有限元软件对液货舱的强度加以分析和优化。整个设计面向实船,贴近船东运营需求,可供类似船型的开发参考。
      With strong growth in global LNG consumption, an increasing number of investors have devote more resources to offshore gas fields. Because of the advantages that FLNG has, research of related technologies has become a new hot topic, but domestic researches are not deep enough. Take the front end engineering design of a FLNG using GTT NO96 cargo containment system as an example, briefly introduces the characteristics of LNG cargo hold structure, and then analyzes the strength of LNG cargo hold structure with finite element software. The design is close to real ship project, could be referenced by design of similar ship type.
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