Design Of Fuel Oil Tank Protection For 120m New-Type Sea-Going Fishing Ship
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中文关键词:  远洋渔船;大容积燃油舱保护设计;曲面内壳;曲面法向等距  型线光顺优化
英文关键词:sea-going steel fishing ships  designs for protection of FO tanks with large volume  inner hull with a curved surface  the normal isometric for curved surface  lines fairing for optimizing
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      《远洋渔船2015》中指出,将合计燃油舱容积为600 m3及以上的所有远洋渔船的燃油舱保护规则纳入新造渔船的考核指标。本文针对某新型120 m远洋拖网渔船,依据燃油舱保护要求,兼顾渔船方型系数小、渔船空间有限等特殊性质,采用确定式隔离法,对新型远洋渔船的燃油舱进行设计;借助HD-SHM2005型线光顺软件将该船舷侧内壳设计成曲面,并在此曲面上进行后续曲面板材和曲面型材的建模、曲面零件的展开和加工数据的生成,既优化了船体空间又提高了生产设计效率。
      It’s pointed out in “Finshing Ship 2015” that rules for protection of FO tanks having a total capacity of 600 m3 or more on board of all sea-going fishing ships have been considered as the criteria for evaluation of newly-built fishing ships. In this Essay, aiming at a new-type 120m Sea-going Trawler, it’ll describe the design of FO tank protection for a new-type of sea-going fishing ship by means of determining isolation method considering small block coefficient and limited space on board of a fishing ship according to requirements on FO tanks protection. And the inner hull of broadside will be designed as a curved surface by using software of HD-SHM2005 for lines fairing. Modeling of following curved plates, curved profiles and expansion of curved parts, generation of processing datas will be done based on these curved surfaces. This design will not only optimize hull space but also improve production design efficiency.
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